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Accepted Paper:

Canada's multiculturalism and its health implications for Indigenous Peoples: the case of British Columbia  
Ilka Thiessen (Vancouver Island University)

Paper long abstract:

The state of healthcare of Canada's Indigenous Peoples is of great controversy and misinformation in Canada. It is a fact that Canadian Indigenous People are living in much poorer health than the rest of the Canadian population. Charges even have been made of deliberate legal and political indifference, neglect, and even genocide against the federal government and the larger Canadian society by Aboriginal groups. However, the legal and political landscape of Canada shows strong evidence that Aboriginal health issues are being addressed through an extensive network of health facilities for aboriginal people. How can this discrepancy in perception be explained? What are the practical questions that have been raised regarding current understandings of health, bodies, identities, power and marginalization? The question that my paper will ask is, how can the equal access to the social determinants of health as a social right be established.

Panel W070
The right to health: issues of citizenship, power and governance
  Session 1