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Accepted Paper:

has pdf download Prestige and transgression: intimacy with Jesus and social religious changes in the Faroe Islands  
Christophe Pons (CNRS)

Paper short abstract:

In the Faroe Islands, a new conception of relationship with Jesus gained some remarkable success since the 1980. The paper examines this intimacy with Jesus as a little revolution that allows social transgressions and builds a new type of authority and prestige.

Paper long abstract:

This paper seeks to understand the great changes that neo-pentecostal and charismatic revivalisms provoked in the little nordic society of Faroe Islands. During the mid 1980', a new conception of Jesus landed to the archipelago, and quickly settled new free churches all around the country. So far it gained some remarkable success among attenders of traditional darbyst and lutheran congregations. Today, it is worth to consider it as a little revolution for such a conservative religious society. One of the greatest changes is the local conception of the god mad, the "good person". The paper examines how the intimacy with Jesus allows social transgressions and builds a new type of authority and prestige, and what are their influences on local traditional churches.

Panel W063
A mysticism for all: conceptions of the individual and conditions for the emergence of neo-evangelical Protestantism
  Session 1