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Accepted Paper:

Cartography is not but ethnocartography: the globalization idea in cartography  
José-Manuel Lóring-Palacios (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia)

Paper long abstract:

Cartography is a discipline that it tries to describe the reality by means of a particular georeferentiation that it's transmitted through the peculiar cultural matters and products that it generates, to those that denominated maps, and that they show many times more than ourselves and of how we apprehend this reality that of the same reality.

If the maps are cultural conventions and social constructs of the reality, as well as other ideas they have had their cartographic expression in different particular times of the societies that produce them and where they are inserted, the ideological paradigm of the globalization is perfectly insert in the current ways of making cartography.

By means of a series of cartographic illustrations and their "picturing globalization" it will be shown as the cartography it is not but ethnocartography, or said otherwise, all scientific discipline it is not but ethnoscientific discipline.

Panel W066
Picturing globalization
  Session 1