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Accepted Paper:

Developing strategies for growing roots: an autobiography of displacement, migration and repatriation  
Alexandra Balandina (Ionian University)

Paper short abstract:


Paper long abstract:

As a child of Greek political refugees (of the Greek civil war 1946-1949), a grandchild of Greek Asia Minor refugees and an offspring of mixed marriage I have always felt that my ethnic, national and cultural identities are negotiable and fluid. This feeling has induced existential and cultural crises which I struggle to reframe by developing strategies for growing roots in the (second repatriate) country I decided to settle down. In this paper I will explore how political histories of the Greek civil war and nationalist ideologies and policies of contemporary Balkan nation-states (Macedonia and Greece), on the one hand, and the post-socialist transformations in Eastern Europe, on the other hand, create complexities in the process of identity formation at the individual level. Autobiographical consideration will illuminate the historical and personal struggles in the process of formation, adoption and protection of national identity across three family generations.

Panel W065
Stateless ethnic groups in Europe: problems and perspectives
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