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Accepted Paper:

Acquiring 'social resilience' through global and local organizations in the face of flooding in Northern Ghana  
Mette Fog Olwig (University of Copenhagen)

Paper short abstract:

Acquiring "Social Resilience" through Global and Local Organizations in the Face of Flooding in Northern Ghana

Paper long abstract:

What is the role of global and local organizations in strengthening the social resilience of local communities facing climate related crisis? Focusing on severe flooding in northern Ghana in 2007 that became world news, research is carried out at three scales to illuminate this question. At the global level among donors, economic fair trade networks, international development and humanitarian relief organizations; at the regional level among national, regional and local GOs and NGOs; and at the local level in communities where the populations were affected by the flooding. By looking at all three sites, it becomes possible to not only use social resilience as an analytical concept, but also examine it, and related concepts, as objects of study in and of themselves - i.e. how is social resilience defined and operationalized globally and locally, and what are the consequences thereof?

Panel W083
Imagining crisis through international intervention
  Session 1