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Accepted Paper:

Crisis inside medical vision of pregnancy and labour health care attention? Results from an ethnography in Madrid  
Maribel Blazquez-Rodriguez (Complutense University of Madrid)

Paper long abstract:

Until now, health care attention to pregnancy and labor in Madrid has been organised through biomedicine. Biomedical model is based mainly on a risk approach, sanitary protocols and technical procedures. Nowadays, medicalisation is being questioned because of it's effects, we could say that it is in crisis. Health care attention of labor is proposed an physiological vision. Woman´s movement and health associations promote this model like the alternative for an attention that takes in account social and cultural aspects of birth and that includes the participation of women in the process. Spanish Health and consumption Department approved, during my fieldwork, a National Strategy for normal labor attention that tried todemedicalise the process. Nevertheless, we can find some contradictions implied in the continuity of risk approach and biomedical control as it emphasise biological naturalization, standardization of care and supported the hegemonic management of health and illness process.

Panel W121
Uncertainties, risk and socio-political change: medical pluralism and diverse agencies
  Session 1