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Accepted Paper:

Human conflicts since the reintroduction of the wolf in Idaho  
Nicolas Barbier (University of Bourgogne (France))

Paper short abstract:

Human conflicts since the reintroduction of the wolf in Idaho.

Paper long abstract:

In 1996, 35 gray wolves were reintroduced in the public lands of Idaho and the Nez Perce aboriginal territory as part of a partnership between the United States government, Idaho, and the Nez Perce Tribe. Since then the wolf population has increased to reach about 850 animals in 2008. The State of Idaho was opposed to the reintroduction, but the federal government compelled it to partake in the recovery program. Most elk hunters and livestock producers want the wolf population to be reduced even though wolves do not threaten their activities. In 2006, the wolf population exceeded the minimum estimated to be necessary for recovery. The State of Idaho was allowed to take over most of the wolf management activities while the role of the Nez Perce Tribe was diminished. Idaho hastened to implement a plan to kill 220 wolves in 2009, which maintains a climate of conflict.

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Native Americans in North America: between resistance and adjustment to mainstream society
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