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Accepted Paper:

A landscape made of suspicions: the memory of the slavery in Anôsy (South of Madagascar)  
Dominique Somda (HUMA-UCT)

Paper long abstract:

My concern is to show how slavery is remembered among the Tanôsy of southern Madagascar. There, people are not allowed to discuss the topic of slavery openly. Hence, slavery is not remembered chiefly through historical narratives. Yet, people seem obsessed about slavery ; besides, the knowledge of who is of slave descent and who is not is still passed on. Tanôsy people, indeed, manage to remember the slaves while avoiding, most of the time, a verbal disclosure of their identities. My point is that the Tanôsy share a common understanding of their land : some suspicious places are strongly connected with slavery and their inhabitants are certainly regarded as slaves. The remembrance of the traumatic slave trade is achieved through a landscape made of suspicions.

Panel W067
Memory of crises and traumas: evocations, representations, reclamations in social communication, and cultural creativity
  Session 1