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Accepted Paper:

Surviving permanent rapid change: Montenegrin culture of change  
Klavs Sedlenieks (Riga Stradins University)

Paper long abstract:

Why is there so little respect for the power of law in some ex-Socialist countries? Why are they simultaneously "changing rapidly" and "resisting change"?

I take up the example of Montenegro and demonstrate that Montenegrins divide their world in two spheres. The first changes rapidly, is to be used for solving immediate problems and is not associated with honor. Activities related with the state, the government, political parties, the business world and NGOs fall into this area. The other sphere seemingly resists change and is related with honor. This sphere includes kin and fictive kin relations.

I argue that such division helps Montenegrins navigate the world in which constant change (crisis) is a permanent feature upon which Montenegrins themselves have little influence.

Arguably similar "cultures of change" geared to surviving regular (externally imposed) crises can be observed elsewhere - in ex-Socialist or post-colonial settings.

Panel W046
Imagining disorder, engendering change
  Session 1