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Accepted Paper:

Biological citizenship, medicalization and other forms of care: the case of Spanish coeliac associations  
Ana Toledo (Fundación Canaria de Investigación Sanitaria (FUNCANIS))

Paper long abstract:

Coeliac associations are part of the new "biological" forms of citizenship since their project departs in the sense that it is required to have some biological suppositions (e.g. a diagnosis) to be included on them. In this sense, they take part, together with other many patients associations, in the construction of the conceptions of what means to be a citizen; supporting, as indicates Nikolas Rose, distinctions between current citizens, potentials, problematised and impossible ones.

The citizenship demands in this framework raise new configurations in the context of the medicalization processes of the contemporary society and different forms of care in emergent diseases. This paper will address the theoretical implications of these new forms of sociality through the analysis of the patient associations using secondary materials, as well as autoethnographic work.

Panel W070
The right to health: issues of citizenship, power and governance
  Session 1