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Accepted Paper:

Imagining Bosnia between past and future: memories, home and belonging in a post-conflict society  
Sanda Üllen (University of Vienna)

Paper long abstract:

More than a decade after the end of the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina, memories of the atrocities committed between 1992-1995 continue to occupy public and private arenas among Bosnians both in their homeland as well as in the diaspora. The aim of this paper is to discuss how belonging, identity and notions of home are influenced and constructed by the memories and the narratives of the war and war-related issues in local and transnational context (Bosnia-Hercegovina and Denmark). Special attention should be paid on different strategies of dealing with the past and consequences on the future between the generations. These strategies include questions on the role of memories (Do memories provide the people with a sense of belonging or are they rather a tool for mobilizing group identity in order to create or increase group boundaries?) and the meaning of belonging, notions of home and place for persons who have violently been driven out of their country.

Panel W008
Recasting pasts and futures: imagination and belonging across generations in Europe
  Session 1