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Accepted Paper:

Prishtina places: shifting experiences of the city  
Karin Norman (Stockholm University)

Paper long abstract:

"Prishtina is not a city you fall in love with at first sight". Thus the Bradt guide book on Kosovo/a 2007 opens the section on Prishtina (Albanian spelling) and ends by cryptically stating, "A new era has begun for Prishtina". What does this 'new era' entail? And for whom? How are places, events, and names in Prishtina lived and narrated by different categories of people?

House construction in Prishtina has been rampant, seemingly oblivious to any urban planning. The partly worn-down apartment buildings, as the glassy high-rise constructions, the monuments, mosques and churches, the shops, caf├ęs, car-washes, and garbage containers condense many of the significant activities, relations and meanings that make up this city. In this paper, I shall expand on a description of a few neighborhoods to understand how the city is experienced by its residents, considering especially places that are associated with children's situatedness and everyday lives.

Panel W084
Balkan cities, Balkan dreams: exploring the future(s) of the city
  Session 1