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Accepted Paper:

A concern with the human  
Joana Junqueira (UNICAMP- University of Campinas)

Paper long abstract:

One summer day during a conversation Andrea Tonacci commenting on the film he had recently made, said:

"This new being, this being that lives this new moment […] who is born within this way of thinking, when technology is already ingrained, is he less human? Maybe the tendency is not to be called human anymore, but bio-technical, I don't know. [...] It is certain that these new generations have to have another way to be in the world. They establish relationships in a different way.

I am caught in the middle of all this and I wanted to get my bearings, a sense of direction, a perception. So to tell the truth, the answer is the film itself, Carapiru (the main character) questions this history."

Tonacci's reflection allowed me to slowly knit together a series of events, loose phrases, conversations, etc. that until that afternoon I was unable to anchor. Sometime after, I realized that he, as other participants in my research, were concerned with the changes of the human condition in the world today.

I would like to present a paper that describes the emergence of this object, how together with the participants of my research amongst São Paulo's cultural elite, we slowly constructed an account of a problem that was of particular importance to them.

Panel W052
Making sense together: the role of participants in ethnography
  Session 1