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Accepted Paper:

Waiting for exhale in front of the TV screen: few words about social tactics of soap opera audience  
Łukasz Leszek Sokołowski (Warsaw University)

Paper long abstract:

Television is still the most popular media while soap opera is the most popular TV genre. Furthermore the genres of soap opera and TV serial flourish and dissimilitude. The challenging question arouses: what makes audience in times of DVDs and internet movies so attached to regular redundant TV narration?

The goal of this paper is to present results of my pre-fieldwork research conduct in Poland's capital. I would like to present three case studies of three groups differing by age, social and cultural background though living in the same neighborhood. The one thing they have in common is the fact that they watch soap operas. The genre has become extremely popular during last decade and even president has to remember about the time of "next episode". It's has been often described that soap opera is used as social tool of changing attitudes and lifestyles. On contrary I would argue using Michel de Certeau theory of everyday life that apparently it's the viewers who, as "wise consumers" choose the favorite opera and the producers have to remember what audience accepts. Watching the vision of life they identify with helps to escape and then affirm their everyday life existence. The mediatised experience becomes part of self-image, group relations and social/moral landscape and encourages individuals to face life turmoil. Their peculiar tactics are going to presented as well as some producers' strategies in trying to answer the question if in country where "crisis is always" people find serenity and encouragement serial TV narratives.

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