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Accepted Paper:

Ethnicization and (trans) national governmentality: the case of Moldavian Csangos  
Calin Cotoi (University of Bucharest)

Paper long abstract:

The Csangos are defined as ethnically charged subjects by two antagonistically nationalizing projects: the Hungarian and the Romanian one. The Hungarian-based one is stressing the archaicity, the Middle Ages characteristics of the Csangos. The Romanian nationalizing strategy appears as a counter strategy; the Csangos are seen as "hybrids", half-denationalized Romanians.

Extended networks of organizations, associations, scientific institutes, forums, ethnic tourism networks etc. using at the same time global technologies and old national myths are modeling and forging ethnic identities by deploying state-like effects. A relatively wide and lax network of European Council bureaucrats, nationalist intellectuals, ethnographers, historians, folklorists, anthropologists etc. connected by scientific institutes, NGO's, Internet forums and portals have similar effects with nation-state apparatuses. Various actors compete to deploy state-like effects into the field of ethnicity, group and subjectivity formation.

Panel W065
Stateless ethnic groups in Europe: problems and perspectives
  Session 1