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Accepted Paper:

What about fish feelings? An inquiry about how fish farmers and researchers approach fish welfare   
Patricia Pellegrini (National Museum of Natural History) Mathilde Dupont-Nivet (INRA) Florence Phocas (INRA) Edwige Quilet (INRA)

Paper long abstract:

There is an increasing concern about farmed fish welfare (EU recommendation, 2006). A range of disciplines are likely to help at identifying efficient criteria to appreciate and ultimately improve welfare. Besides the biological approaches (physiology, ethology, genetics), an anthropological survey focused on the way fish farmers (trout, seabass, sturgeon, for either farming or restocking) appreciate fish feelings to take their welfare into account. The way fish farmers describe the sentience of their animals was compared to that of cattle breeders. It appeared that fish were more difficult to perceive because poorly human-like in their reactions. If farmers can perceive what may be pain or pleasure for a cow or a veal, it is quite impossible to imagine if a fish feels and in which way. We will present the various knowledge and know-how fish-farmers use to better appreciate the fish sentience and compare it to the methods developed by researchers.

Additional co-authors: Patrick PRUNET , Marie-Laure BEGOUT, Aurélien TOCQUEVILLE.

Panel W038
Imagining fish - nature assemblages under water
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