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Accepted Paper:

The making of an African medicine: Sutherlandia  
Olajide Oloyede Oloyede (University of the Western Cape)

Paper long abstract:

The scientific clinical trial of the African traditional medicine, Lessertia frutescens (Sutherlandia) forms an interface between the indigenous local knowledge of people living with Aids, traditional health practitioners and that of science and global health. Up till now no cross-disciplinary studies have been done on epistemological questions concerning especially the knowledge and understanding of 'proof' of efficacy concerning an African traditional medicine. The paper draws together insights and analysis from the anthropology and sociology of health and healing in a discussion on the intersecting fields of knowledge and experience of pharmacology, phytotherapy and related fields, as well as that of biomedical and traditional health practitioners, and of research subjects involved in the making of clinical trials of Lessertia frutescens (Sutherlandia) in South Africa.

Panel W091
Medicating crisis
  Session 1