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Accepted Paper:

Emerging awareness: the relation and intertwinement between imagination-of-bridging and the imagination-of-becoming  
Radharani Pernarcic (Faculty of Arts UL Ljubljana)

Paper long abstract:

The paper is based on applied anthropological and practical work for the dance-theatre project, made in 2009 by the same author. It firstly articulates the distinction between imagination which mostly serves bridging (surmounting) the reality lived (day dreaming) and the imagination as a direct path towards becoming the imagined (embodiment). These two are always closely connected, but may lead into different sorts of enactment though. The author will show how "day dreaming" helps surmounting as well the crisis as the "normality" by keeping one alert and vitally sensitive due to option-practicing. On the other hand, the embodied imagination is more "cruel", as its content and the pertinent action form a totality which allows almost no fractions between the image and the doing/being. By analyzing and comparing these kinds of imagination (practiced by the two inner characters and responsible actresses) their distinction, intertwinement and role in life is made evident.

Panel W088
The imagination in times and spaces of crisis: day and night dreaming as forms of creative invention
  Session 1