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Accepted Paper:

has pdf download Role of the NGO in the development of Sugalis: a case study from a South Indian settlement  
Eswarappa Kasi (Indira Gandhi National Tribal University)

Paper short abstract:

The present paper is a case study of an NGO and its developmental interventions in South Indian Tribal settlement.

Paper long abstract:

Role of NGOs in the development process of countries like India is very crucial, especially in the 21st Century. They have a greater role to play in the lives and livelihoods of the tribal and backward communities of India today. The present paper is an outcome of field work among Sugalis settlement in the Adadakulapalle as part of PhD work. Sugali is a dominant tribe (economically, socially, politically and numerically in Andhra Pradesh), inhabited in Anantapur District of South India. An attempt has been made in the paper to see the role of, Social Education Development Society (SEDS), an NGO in the development of a Sugali settlement. It is also attempted to understand how the information and support from the agency helped the community to become self-reliant. The drawbacks of the developmental interventions of the agency or civil society are also examined in the paper.

Panel W083
Imagining crisis through international intervention
  Session 1