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Accepted Paper:

Re-imagining Ireland: ethnographic fictions by contemporary writers  
Helena Wulff (Stockholm University)

Paper long abstract:

In ethnographic fictions, contemporary writers in Ireland reflect on social and cultural life in a relatively new nation. Building on the strong literary tradition which contributed to Ireland´s movement towards political independence, these writers often dwell on Irish tropes such as the history, the postcolonial situation, the economic boom in late 20th century, the current downturn, as well as emigration and exile. The new immigration to Ireland is appearing in literary accounts. Ethnographic fictions are not mere mirrors of what the writers see around them, but complex commentary, often social satire. The stories can be political, romantic, witty, typically with a dark streak, yet ending on a sudden positive note. Drawing on a study of Irish writers and their work, this paper explores recurrent tropes in ethnographic fictions while acknowledging diversity produced by generations, genders, religions, ethnicities. Just like creative nonfiction, ethnographic fiction reports on facts in a fictionalized form.

Panel IW004
Re-imagining Irish ethnography
  Session 1