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Accepted Paper:

(Post) Political Ecology: Moving towards Consensus  
Patrick Bresnihan (Maynooth University)

Paper short abstract:

How framing the environment as a socio-natural assemblage does not bring back politics

Paper long abstract:

Bruno Latour's notion of a 'parliament of all things' seeks to re-frame political ecology as a way of attending to human and non-human agents as equivalents. This new ecological approach does not rest on any a priori claims to social or natural domains: everything is contested and so everything is political. After a long struggle to have the impurity of socio-natural assemblages accepted as the basis for a new political ecology I argue that Latour's 'political' approach is being realised in new strategies of environmental management. However, rather than augmenting the political I suggest that this shift is characterised by a depoliticising of socio-natural assemblages and the fostering of a consensual, post-political situation. My paper will draw on the political theory of Jacques Ranciere and Erik Swyngedouw, and empirical work on the management of the fisheries in Ireland.

Panel W038
Imagining fish - nature assemblages under water
  Session 1