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Accepted Paper:

The politics of reconstructing locality from a distance: actors and strategies   
Maria de Fátima Amante (University of Lisbon, ISCSP - CAPP)

Paper long abstract:

The papers' purpose is to explore discursive strategies involved the construction and reproduction of local identity. The fieldwork experience my paper deals took place on several local Iberian communities. I was confronted with diversified actors and strategies operating in order to sustain locality and reconstruct them as a community against national and global society. For one, I will be referring some strategies that, for being on the individual level, are not planned as real strategies, i.e., they are not designed with a specific goal. For another I will deal with some discursive strategies that are specifically planned and intended to produce an effect that relates to reaffirmation and reconstruction of sense of belonging. In the process of reconstruction of a sense of belonging I will argue for the relevance of actions originated from outside the community through the usage of media and technologies, mainly local web pages and blogs.

Panel W120
Homo technologicus
  Session 1