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Accepted Paper:

"Crisis, what crisis?" Chinese life inside the diaspora  
Amelia Saiz-Lopez (Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona) Joaquin Beltran-Antolin (Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona)

Paper long abstract:

The Chinese diaspora node in Spain has developed along the time different strategies to cope with "crisis". In fact "crisis" is inscribed in their "normal" way of life. The dispersed transnational and translocal Chinese family is well prepared for uncertain times. Business failure, and how to surmount it, offers a good example of coping with crisis. The dense ethnic networks, strong family ties and transnational practices are working along in order to get upward mobility and economic prosperity. Chinese diaspora networks are use to confront with threads and challenges, and they are very flexible and have fast answers to accommodate to new environments.

The actual global crisis has impact on diaspora life, but at the same time give way to put at play new imaginings in accordance with their own long experience. The crisis is embedded in their deployment around the world, with as many adaptations as circumstances they find.

Panel W061
East Asian imaginings: (trans)national scenarios and global crisis
  Session 1