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Accepted Paper:

The musical expression of identity in the Maale patrilinear society (Southern Ethiopia)  
Hugo Ferran (University of Montreal, MCAM)

Paper long abstract:

The Maale society of Southern Ethiopia is organized in patrilineages by the worship ancestor. Within each lineage, the well-being of the ancestors depends on the offerings of their descendants (food, libations…), while the well-being of the latter depends on the blessings of their ancestors. Lineages can thus be seen as the channels along which offerings and blessings are carried out. In the framework of this reciprocal exchange, the music performed by the lineage youngers (kelto) is culturally considered as offerings to the ancestors (ts'oso) and to the lineage elders (toidio). Conversely the toidio must bless their lineage youngers. To achieve successful offerings the lineage youngers must 'make known' (ershane) their identity and the one of the receivers of the music. In this paper, I try to show how the Maale music is used as a system of nonverbal communication to express the social position of the givers and the receivers of such offerings.

Panel W089
Gender and identification in patrilinear societies
  Session 1