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Accepted Paper:

"They call them lababa or obange - stupid"  
Gitte Beckmann (University of Zurich)

Paper long abstract:

(Report from a PhD field research in Uganda)

Deaf are seen as not being able to understand instructions in spoken language. They are named lababa or obange - stupid. How are they dealt with? How do they perceive the society they are part of? This paper is about Deaf in a post-war situation in Acholiland, Northern Uganda. In a first step the report will present the setting, the social networks and interactions Deaf are participating and involved in, including families, communities, schools and organizations. In a second step it will take a phenomenological approach with a focus on the individual's perspective. What kinds of socio-technical skills did and do Deaf in Acholiland need and develop to cope with their everyday life and to make themselves understood in a time of accelerated change?

Panel W101
Politics of disability and experience
  Session 1