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Accepted Paper:

has pdf download UNESCO and the daily life of cultural heritage: the case of Fez (Morocco)  
Manon Istasse (FNRS and LAMC (ULB))

Paper short abstract:


Paper long abstract:

In a age of multiple crises, one aim of the UNESCO is to promote intercultural dialogue between civilizations. Heritage constitutes one tool : once a piece of heritage is listed as World Heritage, it belongs to the whole humanity. But beyond its universality, what is the everyday life of this heritage?

In my current research, I am interested in the way actors daily use cultural heritage in a Unesco listed city. Having my fieldwork in Fez, Morocco, I investigate guest houses and homestay in Moroccan families. Indeed, these houses are places of cultural encounter and dialogue (between tourists, Moroccans, residents,...) and local crises over the applications and consequences of World Heritage politics. Each case is concerned with questions about the private (intimate) and public (universal) aspects of heritage, the relation to space, the significance of the UNESCO for the actors, and the use of the label.

Panel W100
The anthropology of international organizations
  Session 1