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Accepted Paper:

The quest for the human self in times of religious syncretisms: about the redefinition of individuality and the liberation from ideological contraints  
Sarah Kohlmaier (University of Vienna)

Paper short abstract:

The proposed paper will explore strategies of and reasons for selfdefinition in times where "religious belief" has become a concept placed inbeween ideologies, personal experiences and secularisation. It will be explored if the creation of a personal identity is influenced by spiritual experiences.

Paper long abstract:

"Religious belief" has nowadays become a concept which has to be placed within a vast variety of religious doctrines, charismatic gurus, individual experiences of spirituality and rationalism and religious criticism since the Enlightement on the other hand. This has not only challenged religious authorities, but also a person´s ability to position himself within a vast variety of belief- systems.

To what extent is religious pluralism within an individualisticly orientated society significant for people´s selfconsciousness? By referring to my empirical studies (Kohlmaier, Sarah (2009) "Auf der Suche nach dem Selbst- Strategien spiritueller Selbsterfahrung und religiöse Pluralität in Wien, Diplomarbeit. Wien) that concentrate on "self- finding seminars" in Vienna, the proposed paper explores needs, reasons and strategies of selfdefinition within a vast range of belief- systems. By concentrating on personal responsabilities and through the recognition of personal abilities and spiritual experiences,"finding oneself" can be interpreted as a way out of a personal crisis and an experienced heteronomy in favour of the creation of a personal identity.

Panel W034
Crisis in church? Religious authority and religious experience
  Session 1