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Accepted Paper:

Pioneers of the field: women in Soviet Siberian studies  
Marina Hakkarainen (University of Eastern Finland) Elena Lyarskaya (European University at St Petersburg)

Paper short abstract:

Soviet Siberian studies recruited women whose position in the field (previously occupied exclusively by men) and impact to anthropology will be discussed.

Paper long abstract:

While contemporary discussion about the legacy of Soviet anthropology is going on, one has to recall the women-pioneers in the field of Siberian studies in the USSR. Soviet Siberian studies were connected with the research tradition that originated from cooperation of Russian and American scholars (Boas, Bogoras, etc.). Many women started their research careers as Bogoras' students and heirs of the tradition. They were the first generations of professional anthropologists and women who went to Siberia to do their fieldwork. They participated on a par with men both in fundamental studies and in applied projects. They made a valuable contribution to the methodology and practices of Soviet anthropological studies. Among them there were G.Vasilevich,V.Cincius, E.Prokofieva, L. Khomich, etc. Was their female position significant in their studies? Did they add a female point of view into their work? Or did they want to follow "a hard male line"? Our presentation will answer these questions.

Panel W105
Imaginative women: theoretical and methodological contributions of founding grandmothers of European anthropology
  Session 1