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Accepted Paper:

'Participatory video' as means of reflection and self-reflection upon image and identity of reemerging indigenous groups of northeastern Brazil  
Peter Anton Zoettl (CEI-IUL, Portugal)

Paper short abstract:

Paper long abstract:

Crises and change have affected the Brazilian indigenous population for more than 500 years. While for centuries their struggle against colonialism and the dominant national society had resulted in an ever shrinking population, the last decades have seen an unexpected phenomenon: the rise of "new" indigenous tribes in areas which, by the state and public opinion, were long considered as "acculturated". These "reemerging" Indians, in their pursuit of both legal and actual recognition by authorities and their fellow Non-Indian citizens, face and undergo a peculiar re-elaboration of their "image" as Indians, being torn between romantic ideas of indianity, and the demands of full integration within the national society. Drawing on recent fieldwork experience in northeastern Brazil, the paper discusses how the visual-anthropological method of "participatory" or "community" video can be used as a means of reflecting on, and catalyzing, processes of individual and group identity formation of minority groups within a local-global context.

Panel W049
Crisis and imag(e)ination: visual studies in and about crisis
  Session 1