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Accepted Paper:

Identification through men:a moment of empowerment?  
Anata Ambaye Ogato (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology)

Paper long abstract:

This article tries to give a brief ethnographic description of the social life of sidama women of Ethiopia in a society where patriarchy is the major suppressing arsenal against women. It tries to see how the Sidama women negotiate their social identity in demanding social respect and recognition. Ironically the very patriarchal system that suppressed women gives room for their promotion through their husband. After promotion of women through their husband, women use this position to organize themselves to pray for fertility and rain. Moreover, the new position would be an important arsenal to protest and punish a husband who abuses them. Here, we will see how women consider certain types of abuses by man as a collective abuse against all women and punish the culprit in mass by going out and declaring all round assault. Finally, the article tries to show how the social class seniority for a woman is kept through a status of her husband regardless of her wealth and age.

Panel W089
Gender and identification in patrilinear societies
  Session 1