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Accepted Paper:

Kubachi and Harbuk: two destinies of traditional craft  
Ekaterina Kapustina (Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera)/European University at St.Petersburg)

Paper short abstract:

This paper is about comparative analyses of two models craft in Caucasus and its integration into Russian Market.

Paper long abstract:

In Dagestan republic there are villages which associate with glorious past of Dagestan as the center of handicraft. Kubachi is a center of jeweller's art, Harbuk is famous by its armoire and gun masters. Kubachi remain to be a leader in Dagestan silver jewelry, even when state industrial complex closed in early 1990-es. "Kubachinian silver" become a All-Russian brand. Harbuk today has the opposite situation with its craft. The craft is still alive, the two thirds of men can make knives, some of them are able to do guns and sabers and decorate it with special Harbuk design. But in the entire famous village there is none of craftsmen who have a license to do cold steel (not to say about guns). How one village became to be a center of modern Caucasus jewelry while in another village it is prohibited to be engaged in the traditional craft?

Panel W095
Commodification of indigenous cultures
  Session 1