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Accepted Paper:

'Performing cyborgs': beyond nature and culture in electronic music performances in Athens  
Vassiliki Lalioti (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)

Paper short abstract:

Ethnographic investigation of the relationship between humans and technology in electronic music performances in Athens shows that boundaries between nature and culture, subject and object, organic and inorganic are transcended, and new realities and manifestations of being are been experienced.

Paper long abstract:

Exploration of the human-technology interface places it within current discussion about the boundaries between nature and culture that lead to new understandings of humans as the subject and object of anthropology. Electronic music performances is a privileged field for the investigation of these boundaries since they create an unbreakable unity of humans, sounds, and computers. An ethnographic approach to such performances in Athens shows that technology constitutes an integral part of humans' world and not a clearly distinguishable object. Participants do not use technologies so much as they live them and new technologies are constantly transforming the lived experience of music. Musical performances become, thus, cyborgs, inorganic becomings compounded of human and machine that transcend boundaries and create new realities and new manifestations of being.

Panel W120
Homo technologicus
  Session 1