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Accepted Paper:

Practices and discourses of transmigrant community in the field of private entrepreneurship: case of Greeks from Tsalka in Adyghea  
Aleksandr Manuilov (Université Grenoble Alpes)

Paper short abstract:

Paper long abstract:

The paper will be focused on a legal regime of one of the Greek (Urum) communities in the South of Russia. I will present and analyse some discourses and practices operating in the field of private entrepreneurship. Local entrepreneurs are at the same time members of the community and members of regional Greek Association regulating different aspects of local life, including their "access" to Greece and potential business partners in Greece. Therefore, the organisation of social space inside the community may be represented as a play of various capitals (financial, economic and symbolic) and as an arena of complicated struggles of contradictory strategies of reproduction (e.g. matrimonial and various communal strategies). The paper is based on my field materials from Russia (2007, 2010) and Greece (2009).

Panel W109
Law in the Caucasus: anthropological perspectives on legal practice
  Session 1