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Accepted Paper:

Sense of class: carnality and location in working class experience  
Bruno Monteiro (Universidade do Porto)

Paper long abstract:

Unified under the designation of «crisis» is a vast array of social, economic and cultural processes that reconstitutes the morphology and experience of working class in Rebordosa (Portugal). I enact an ethnographic approach to the lived world of this workers combining observant participation, long-term permanence in the field and in-depth interviews. That shows the ways how the reiterated submission to a redundancy of similar situations and, also, the exposition to the tacit demands that every physical and social space over its occupants, explains the acquisition, throughout individual history, of attitudes and preferences able to work in a practical state and through practice. This mutual understanding between the (re)socialised lived body and the objectified space naturalises the social distances and limits, infra-consciously recording them as postures of deference, a sense of one's proper place, and a sensibility adjusted to the practices and goods plausible and suitable for "people of our kind".

Panel W048
Violence, personhood and emotions
  Session 1