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Accepted Paper:

On the road with Maruch: the promises and limits of open, non-linear hypermedia documents in anthropological work after the crisis of representation and Web2.0  
Florian Walter (Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin)

Paper short abstract:

Presenting his recent non-linear hypermediaproject "On the Road With Maruch", Florian Walter examines the possibilities of Web2.0 technologies in our discipline after the crisis of representation and digital times.

Paper long abstract:

In the context of the crisis of representation and of the Global Theater some important assertions on the poetics and politics of our discipline were made. My hypermedia-research project examines the possibilities and limits of anthropological representations in post-colonial and post-digital times. I argue that Web2.0-technologies offer fresh perspectives on reflexivity, collaboration, emancipated forms of communication, and the artistic mediation of cultural aesthetics.

By showing parts of my PhD-project I want to illustrate that a polyphonic hypermedia-document, which treats text and audiovisual data as equally important, offers open and collaborative working- and reading-flows on ethnographic data obtained through traditionally conducted fieldwork and this could finally free the anthropologist from the burden of a hermes-like mediator (e.g. by implementing multiple authorship, blogs, or waves).

In order to capture processes of transcultural communication, I seek to create a non-linear, experimental document, which takes monatagescapes as dynamic vehicles of artistic reflection on the complexities of intercultural dialogue and of multisensorial and synaesthetic modes of perception.

Panel W049
Crisis and imag(e)ination: visual studies in and about crisis
  Session 1