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Accepted Paper:

Hilma Granqvist, a posthumously appointed grandmother of new anthropology in Finland  
Ulla Vuorela (University of Tampere)

Paper long abstract:

Hilma Granqvist (1890-1972) is one of the pioneers in Palestine studies and one of the few internationally known Finnish anthropologists of the 1930s. Her achievements have been given recognition in the histories of Middle Eastern gender studies as well in the history of Finnish anthropology. The fact that she was never given an official position in the university and could not train her own "school" in the Finnish academia makes her position as a "grandmother" of new anthropology in Finland a posthumous one. In my paper I will address the intersectionality of many levels that led to her rejection and the ways in which she was able to persevere in authoring the volumes on the village of Artas in Palestine on which her fame rests.

Panel W105
Imaginative women: theoretical and methodological contributions of founding grandmothers of European anthropology
  Session 1