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Accepted Paper:

Rebuilding indentity in former heavy industrial cities: comparison between Bilbao, Nowa Huta and the Black Country  
Valentin Vaqué (CERAMAC, Clermont-Ferrand/ATER-Amiens)

Paper long abstract:

Bilbao, Nowa Huta and the Black Country are former monoindustrial cities based on heavy industries (steelworks and shipbuilding). They were jewels of their own country: half of the Spanish ships were built in Bilbao for 200 years; the first industrial Revolution was born in the Black Country; Nowa Huta was one of the biggest combine and produced more than Americans steelworks. They built their culture and pride on these events/facts but the crises of mid-seventies destroyed them. Today they try to reinvent a new image and a new culture. In Bilbao, culture is liked with art thanks to Guggenheim Museum and local initiatives. The Black Country tries to become independent from Birmingham but has difficulties finding a second way of being in the map only on living museums. Nowa Huta is developing a new community on nature protection and try to not be just a suburb of Cracow.

Panel W118
  Session 1