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Accepted Paper:

The state and the framing of the anthropology of AIDS  
Ida Susser (HunterGCCUNY)

Paper long abstract:

This paper will examine the context of AIDS prevention and treatment since the 1980s in the United States under conservative and neoliberal regimes and in South Africa under apartheid and post -apartheid governments. It will consider the perspectives with respect to different populations vulnerability and stigma that emerged at different historical moments and how these were framed by hegemonic perspectives. It will consider the anthropology of engagement with respect to HIV/AIDS and how this differed under various governmental regimes in the United States and South Africa. The paper will also consider the ways in which social movements fostered the development of anthropological approaches to AIDS which contested national policies.

Panel W082
The state in the history of world anthropologies: disciplinary imaginaries at critical moments [AAA CWA panel]
  Session 1