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Accepted Paper:

Creating contexts, hosting encounters: a proposition from visual arts for reframing the art of anthropology  
Elpida Rikou (Athens School of Fine Arts)

Paper long abstract:

Today, visual artists experiment with social relations, create contexts for encounters and become "hosts" or "curators". Such is the case of Z.Xagoraris, artist and co-curator of "Live" (part of the Athens Biennale 2009 entitled "Heaven", as a comment on recent crisis).For this occasion, two groups of students were formed, one by the curators of "Live", in order to create an in situ project in progress, broadcasting the events, and another by the anthropologist (and artist) E. Rikou, in order to participate in "Live", adopting an anthropological perspective.

In this presentation, aided by visual material, we consider both group formations as art projects. We envisage anthropology as an art of providing contexts for, engaging in and reflecting on encounters. We also critically examine artistic tendancies of this kind, from an anthropological viewpoint.

Panel W052
Making sense together: the role of participants in ethnography
  Session 1