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Accepted Paper:

Imagination through disturbance? A story about web-emergent communities  
Alexander Schwinghammer (Bauhaus University Weimar)

Paper long abstract:

This paper explores creative acts emerging out of digital environments that are commonly linked to game culture.

Acts of creation within the media sphere that expand, transform and re-design medial formats are increasingly gaining prominence outside and inside the professionalized cultural industry. These developments are not only closely linked to terms such as network society or WEB 2.0, it especially led to particular emergent societal forms that can be described as "communities of projects".

With reference to the performative engagement of the participants brings up the notions of immersion and interaction as central terms for researching actions at the boundary of prefigured and appropriative behaviour. Aiming to investigate a specific type of a community of project that emerges from ludic but nevertheless committed engagements with set object patterns, this paper focuses on creative behaviour and group formations that take place within situations of intermedial and/or pervasive gaming.

Panel W049
Crisis and imag(e)ination: visual studies in and about crisis
  Session 1