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Accepted Paper:

Ethnicity versus citizenship? An approach from a tourist economy, Mallorca (Spain)  
Alejandro Miquel (UIB (Universitat de les Illes Balears))

Paper long abstract:

Several studies on migration bring forward new dimensions to old problems in Europe. The changes in the concept and practice of political citizenship, originating in the 1960s, have increased with the emergence of different ways of social and political being, through ethnicisation, and individualizing fragmentation. The way in which some of the effects "constructed" by the crisis are perceived and lived, clearly affect the immigrant segment of the working class, either directly, by reunification, or second generation. This paper argues that, in the case of the Mallorcan tourist economy, the construction process generates neoethnicisation and segregation reactions in some immigrant groups with a double result: Whereas, on the one hand, there is a closed idea of citizenship, in an exclusive way within the indiginous population; on the other, we witness the reunification of some immigrants into politically defensive ethnic communities. The issue of class citizenship emerges as the central problem.

Panel W115
In-migration, indigeneity and imagination: or class, community and crisis in Europe
  Session 1