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Accepted Paper:

Man and technology: how technology affects socialization  
Sara Marino (University of Urbino)

Paper long abstract:

I try to analize if and how the new tools of social networking and virtual life are able to disclose a postmodern new anthropology.

If social networks like Facebook and the tools of Web 2.0 such as Second life are able to predict a new evolution or not.

How the meanings of public and private change? How the experiences of real life change? Can we still imagine free communication's space in the postmodern age?

Roughly, my investigation aims to understand the anthropological sense of the ongoing and ever changing cultural dynamics related to the new technologies. Among other things, I am also trying to observe how the development of the Internet creates new forms of participation and new mechanisms of inclusion/exclusion based not on the traditional dichotomy us/them, but on the existing differentation between us - connected/ them - de - connected; that is, between participating elites and marginal masses (something that should be read in the peculiar context of Italy, but not exclusively).

Panel W120
Homo technologicus
  Session 1