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Accepted Paper:

'Taking the floor' through internet: case study analysis from Morocco  
Josiane Tantchou (CNRS)

Paper long abstract:

Despite the early interest in new media and an emerging anthropological literature, there have been relatively few ethnographic works on computing and internet technologies within anthropology. As a result, much anthropologists understanding of new information and communication technology comes from other disciplines (Dickey, 1997; Wilson and Leighton 2002) . Yet technologies comprising the Internet, and all the text and media that exist within it are in themselves cultural products and information and communication technologies based on the Internet have enabled the emergence of new sorts of communities and communicative practices-phenomena worthy of the attention of anthropological researchers (Wilson and Leighton 2002).

Internet is giving people a way to self publish, and share rapidly their ideas and opinions in ways never quite possible before. We ask the following question: what are the political implications of ICTs? How are they used to give rise to voice still unheard by the mass-media, political protest and various form of militancy? This last question will be examine through a thorough analysis of discourses produced on three "events" which gave rise to many discussions, with strong emotional feelings.

My presentation will explore the discourses produced and published on websites about these three events. I wish to show how those voices usually unheard by the "traditional" Medias, are "taking the floor" through Internet to produce polysemic discourses. In this case, a remind/critic of the fundamental values of one societies, a discourse on distant and close Others, modernity and liberty.

Panel W120
Homo technologicus
  Session 1