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Accepted Paper:

How people tell you what they want to tell you: belonging and cultural resources beyond the Finnish-Russian border  
Helena Jerman (University of Helsinki)

Paper long abstract:

My paper explores informants' reflections on mental and concrete crossing of national borders tying the local to the translocal and bridging the distance between these. Apart from memory, oblivion and nostalgia, time as a phenomenal notion forces informants to take a stand in everyday life.

I have tried to use a projective method attempting to avoid the informants relating predictable matters. Thus I also try to show how the conceptions and actions of the participants play an important part in the research. This method has made it possible to show the capacity of things or social practices to put memory in place multitemporally.

Studying transnational human existence implies a multisited research perspective suggesting a fundamental change, above all, in the conceptualization of movement and belonging. My paper provides ethnographic insights into the ways in which persons manage complex belonging within various contesting discourses in their present existence.

Panel W052
Making sense together: the role of participants in ethnography
  Session 1