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Accepted Paper:

Some are more human than others? Humanitarian aid, human rights, and health care for undocumented migrants in Germany  
Susann Huschke (Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa)

Paper long abstract:

This paper analyses unequal structures of health care in Germany, grappling with the question: "If access to health care is considered a human right, who is considered human enough to have that right?" (Farmer 2005: 206). Based on my field work with undocumented Latino migrants and care givers in Berlin, I state a trend in German national and local politics to favor "humanitarian aid" over the human right to equal access to health care. NGOs establish parallel structures of health care for undocumented migrants, supported by policy makers. These structures, however, can only provide selective treatment, as I will show, and reinforce a stratified system of care based on the notion of who is "human enough" to receive full medical treatment - and who is not. Within this system, undocumented migrants are perceived and constructed as undeserving patients, thereby a "limited and limiting notion of humanity" (Ticktin 2006: 42) is promoted.

Panel W081
Crisis, pain and wellbeing: the imagining and bearing of refugee/migrants social, moral and existential crisis
  Session 1