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Accepted Paper:

Blogging as public diary, strategy of professionalization, and political tool: a case study of the Lebanese blogosphere  
Sarah Jurkiewicz (Zentrum Moderner Orient)

Paper long abstract:

The Lebanese blogosphere is known for being especially active in political crisis. But also after the blogging boom during the July-War in 2006, bloggers have been continuously writing about daily life especially in Beirut, commenting on social issues, posting about cultural events and mocking political discussions.

In my paper I would like to discuss the ambitions and agendas of different Lebanese bloggers, based on my recent fieldwork in Lebanon. Thereby I will shed light on their multiple reasons for engaging in this particular media practice: from keeping a record for oneself in a 'public diary', for professionalization in journalism or design as well as using it as a political tool. Though how can ambitions and rewards of blogging be conceptually and empirically grasped and connected - especially as they might change through time and extensive use?

Panel W120
Homo technologicus
  Session 1