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Accepted Paper:

The faith in development: the case of Polish involvement in Africa  
Ela Drazkiewicz (Slovak Academy of Sciences)

Paper long abstract:

For decades the promise of development has been put forward but was it actually ever achieved? In this paper I want to examine the case of Polish engagement in development in Africa. How the state and various communities which for decades have themselves been subjected to development, today, via their own involvement as donors claim ownership not only over their own development but also present visions of change and better future for Others.

After the Cold War era, and the years of expulsion to the margins of the global politics, the development seems to work as a way back to the international arena. The visions of the global solidarity and connectivity are at heart of this modern faith in development. Yet, to fulfil new aspirations the "subjects of development" and the development itself need to be (re)discovered. It is exactly here when the anticipation and fantasy become the most crucial.

Panel IW005
Imagination, crisis and hope, or, do futures have a future?
  Session 1