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Accepted Paper:

'Welcome onboard'  
Harald Beyer Broch (University of Oslo)

Paper long abstract:

Neither all fish nor many other marine species are greeted when they break the water's surface at the fishing vessel's side. The fishers are eagerly watching to detect what they are pulling out from the depths of the Sea.

In this presentation major focus is on creative production of knowledge, needed to outsmart the monkfish at deep seafloor locations and frustration (and for some - hope) attached to crabs (Canser pagurus) northward migration. A recurrent question is how do fish resonate or think? How fishermen construct narratives about the life ways of marine animals and their preferred under water habitats is presented and analyzed. The narratives are sometimes contested but all the same influence human animal interaction. Narrative work further establishes and confirms common ideas, informed by marine biological science, fishermen's experiences, creative imagination and hopes. These narratives address topics related to over fishing, species protection, resilience and possible consequences of a global warming for North Atlantic fisheries and the fishermen's local communities.

Panel W038
Imagining fish - nature assemblages under water
  Session 1