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Accepted Paper:

Hinder or advantage? Interpretation of the law in the context of international entrepreneurship  
Agnese Cimdina (University of Latvia)

Paper long abstract:

The paper challenges the essence of common European market by exploring the process of transferring Scandinavian companies and production units to the Baltic States. By using ethnography as a bridge the efforts to establish transnational business cooperation are revealed. The varying notions on how to do business, how to establish a transnational cooperation, the varying attitudes towards legislation, environmental protection, safety at work and varying perception of what a valuable outcome of business cooperation should be question the workings of European community regulations.

How a cross-cultural marketplace is organized through formal regulations and norms, through networks and lobbying, through different interests,expectations, perceptions and constructed values, and how the entrepreneurs navigate in such a marketplace: these are the main topics viewed in the paper. Extensive fieldwork in Scandinavian companies in Latvia in 2006 and 2007 form the empirical base for the paper.

Panel W096
Markets, moneys, and mobilities: transnational organizing
  Session 1