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Accepted Paper:

Transfer of historical oriental-music-therapy-perspectives into modern clinical understanding in Austria  
Gerhard Tucek (IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems)

Paper long abstract:

The first part of the presentation gives a short report about of the transformation-process of historical oriental music-therapy from 9th century into an European system of modern health care in 21st century.

It will be shown, how traditional therapeutic principles were connected to modern clinical and anthropological perspectives. Key words will be: resources, regulation, joy, emotions and needs.

In the second part of the lecture video-examples of clinical music therapy in an intensive care unit and neurologic rehabiltation after stroke will give a practical insight into the results of this process.

An introduction into our methods of evaluation will show, the integration of music-therapeutic and medical point of views.

Panel W041
Global movement: dance, choreography, style
  Session 1